A series of four painting compositions entitled The Ladder (I, II, III, IV) began production in early 2019 and was completed in late August 2019. It is a continuation of the cycle of twenty watercolor sheets entitled Jacob's Ladder. The four painterly compositions present a person's existential experience in dealing with the own infinite and the spiritual.
The basic canvas format 60x50x4,5-8 cm was painted in oil in a way of laying different (transparent) layers of paint. In the last phase, each painting composition was upgraded with a three-dimensional metal accessory. Such a work of art can also be called the term used by Robert Rauschenberg "Combine painting".
The image of the ladder is only stylistically present in the vertical and horizontal division of the format. The abstracted interpreted ladder motif on the canvas is then completed with a handmade miniature ladder that I made from a single piece of metal wire and then attached to the top edge of the painting.
The artwork is signed on the front and also on the back of the painting.