„As delicate as a woman can be.“

Die Rezension der Jury des niederländischen Kunst-Wettbewerbs PAINTING OF THE YEAR: „As delicate as a woman can be. As vulnerable and loving as her appearance is, the artist has grasped his brush and lovingly extracted this image from the colours in an extremely subdued way. It is reminiscent of Chagall's paintings in which he depicted his love for his wife in dreamy images. The woman depicted as a goddess. The birds as a symbol of the soul. Graciously reflected in the water. Because the brushes and paint are depicted in the foreground, it seems as if we can take a look into his longing heart through the artist's materials.“ 

The artist always is in search of beauty and grace, mostly with abstract paintings, but with this artwork looking back to former famous artists like Boticelli, Domenico Venziano and Newton. In a landscape with water and birds he creates a picture of fantasy which may symbolize a dream of beauty and grace.

The artwork is dated and signed on the front, additionally titled, dated and signed on the back

The artwork has an old handmade wooden frame with silver and patina.