This series was inspired by the book „Principles“ written by Ray Dalio, which contains valuable advice on how to cultivate a successful private and business life. The life stories of fascinating personalities, who shape the world through their entrepreneurialism, fueled the artist to identify principles that can create an extraordinary life. Specifically, she drew on three habits: being bold, dealing with fear, and striving for an adventurous life. The artist occasionally translated these principles by using contrasting colors, dynamic elements, and movement within the paintings. Moreover, she used spontaneous and bold gestures to unify multiple layers, meant to engage the viewer’s attention and sustain their focus. 


In our current culture, many of us strive to gain attention to the point that it is hard to stand out. Yet, what we surround ourselves with on a daily basis reflects our inner feelings and beliefs. This series helps people to fuel their creative thinking and to find new (and viable) solutions to navigate a digitalized and information-overloaded world. The goal is to remind people to take action to create what they want out of life.