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Laisser parler mon emotion, exprimer ma sensibilité tout en gardant ma propre identité

Mounir DEHANE, 40 years old and he is from Marocco.

He is graduate in linguistics, self-taught painter, his work on composition, construction, structure and material lets his emotion speak while keeping his own identity. 

Mounir DEHANE realizes a painting that is immediately recognizable, painting of opposites, but also in the form, symmetries that seek to come together. A painting of reunion, of reconciliation... This is how it remains a painting full of hope, and his desire to reunite what is fragmented, at the beginning.

What it offers us is balance, the emotional strength that emerges from it. One even finds a gestural experience of incomparable strength in these works. A play of traces and a desire to share visually. Mounir DEHANE's works maintain a balance, a rediscovery of the self. Small or medium formats, these works multiply, abound, are born from a single gesture, at the whim of the moments, in order to create beauty and make it abstract. These works are thus the furtive moment when the self breathes a breath of freedom.

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