There are eternal themes in art. One of them is the theme of women. Each era has its own ideal of a woman. The entire history of mankind is reflected in how people saw a woman.

The female character has always attracted the special attention of artists. By the portraits, we can judge how a woman's appearance, her emotional makeup is influenced by social events, fashion, literature, art and painting itself.

Let's list only the directions in painting, where the female image was perfectly realized. In order: realism, academicism, impressionism, symbolism, modernism, expressionism, cubism, surrealism, postmodernism.

At the moment there is a postulate that "... the tradition has exhausted itself and that art must seek another form." It is not for us to judge how competent this is. In our interpretation, the image of a woman takes on a completely different sound. It seems to us that it is both modern, expressive and generalizing.