Paintings always attract the eye. They are forced to stop in front of them in museums and galleries, with bated breath, transported in imagination to paint the world. The multiplicity of techniques and colors allow you to create quite similar to each other on energy picture. Why did we go past some barely noticed, and stand for hours in front of others?
First of all, the resonance between your energy and the energy of the picture depends on the feelings and moods of the artist at the time of writing. Transferring their emotions on the canvas, it transmits their overall composition, color saturation and sharpness of drawing. Dark depressive tone suppress the viewer, bright and saturated activate centers of vision, light translucent haze evoke reverie. Internal discord expressed by the disparity between the composition and selected color solutions. This is also reflected in the psycho-emotional perception of painting.
There are some correspondence between the nature of man and his preferred kind of magic art.
So clear the line graphs are choosing purposeful nature. They clearly know what they want from life.
Blurred undertones typical for people restless, unable to share the real world and fantasy, they created for themselves.
Saturated colors chosen emotional nature that can move mountains to reach the goal.
Translucent same unrealistic picture – a paradise for romantics.
As you can see, painting is another indicator of psychological and energetic state. Soul subconscious state express themselves in writing. That is why an outside observer would say about the artist more than he thought was invested. But here, the analysis will be carried out from a position of power match.
It is also why it is not recommended to hang in the room a lot of pictures of different genres and conditions, and in some museums and galleries to be seriously susceptible people.