Rooted in the earth. Intertwined shapes. Light and shadow. Black and white. Silence in the middle of the forest. The mighty root of a tree seeks its way into the earth. I drew the root in the original with black micro pigment ink on paper. A network of thin lines. The series of ink drawings is dedicated to silent places in forest because I admire the timeless beauty in nature. Long walks through the forest and to remote places are my source of inspiration. Based on spontaneous plein air sketches, I chose my favorite subjects in order to draw them in detail.

In general, I associate the forest with deep memories of an intense time in the midst of pure nature. For me it is a place of retreat where I can discover a multitude of interesting structures and shapes.

Original drawing. Feel free to take a look at my collection at SAATCHI ART: | drawings of the forest

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Personalized reproductions are possible on request. Please let me know your wishes and I will prepare the reproduction of the artwork in the desired size and material.