A graceful tree growing on the sandstone. Life force. Tree of life. Timelessness. Its root is partly above ground. Fascinated by the complex forms, I created this drawing which presents a network of fine lines. The tree is located on the top of the Lilienstein mountain in Saxon Switzerland (Germany). I associate beautiful memories of intense hikes with this tree. Black micro pigment ink on paper.

In admiration of the timeless elegance of nature, the series of drawings which is called black.book is dedicated to silent places. Roots, branches and stones are drawn in black and white. Light and shadow are modeled by using thin lines and delicate hatching. Long walks in nature and to remote places are my source of inspiration. Based on spontaneous plein air sketches, I chose my favorite subjects in order to draw them in detail.


Original drawing.

Furthermore, the artwork is available as fine art print and canvas print.


Personalized reproductions are possible on request. Please let me know your wishes and I will prepare the reproduction of the artwork in the desired size and material.

The drawing is part of a series. Feel free to take a look at my collection:

black.book | drawings of the forest