The painting image Light and Ladder (I) is diptych consists of two three-dimensional forms made of pine wood and a three-dimensional object of the Ladder. The frontal parts of the painting are treated with minimal differences in white color, and the lateral parts of both objects are painted in intense red. The viewer sees primarily the reflection of these chromatic shades of red in the area of ​​the wall. The most intense red color, however, occurs in the space between the two wooden objects when two intense reflections of red color merge into the image of a thin vertical rectangle. The formation of intangible radiation of paint (similar to stained glass) is complemented by the vertical formation of a ladder, which was formed from a single piece of metal wire.


In daylight conditions, the intensity and shape of color reflections change. Just as the shadow changes when the sundial is watched and the display of time depends on the position of the sun, so the red lights and red shadows reflections are perceived to viewer. This creates the immaterial presence of colored light.


In this way, the painter's image offers the viewer various perceptions created by light and color in order to trigger spiritual sense and adequate meaning in the viewer.


Painting compositions would come to life to the maximum in a room with a lot of daylight, which is intended for contemplation.