Inspired by long hikes in the deep forest, this drawing is dedicated to the wild boar. It shows the animal living in the wilderness. In my eyes, the wild boar is a symbol of naturalness and strength. Its appearence (especially its fur) is drawn in black and white and concentrates on the effects of light and shadow.

The drawing is part of a series which presents the magical interplay of creation, being and fading. Everything is in motion, in a never-ending cycle, whereby existence and transience are closely connected. I see creation, being and passing away as original processes that flow into one another and cannot be fully defined or calculated in their perfection. In memory of long walks through the forest.


Original drawing. Furthermore, the artwork is available as open edition fine art print and canvas print. Personalized reproductions are possible on request. Please feel free to check out my collection of pencil drawings:

wild boar and perspectives